The MRI scanner is your friend

With its large size, strange sounds and tunnel, it’s understandable that some people can find MRI scanners to be somewhat unpleasant.

However, from a psychological point of view, it could be beneficial to try and think of the MRI scanner differently. Instead of looking at the MRI scanner in a negative light, one can look at it as a “friend” who is trying to help you. Whatever your illness is, the MRI scanner is just trying to help your healthcare professional treat you better. The MRI scanner is a modern miracle, letting healthcare professionals see in very fine detail, the insides of your body. In the past, before the MRI scanner was invented, there was a lot of guesswork related to treating conditions. Now thanks to MRI scanners, treatment is much more precise.

So from a psychological perspective, think of the MRI scanner as your friend. Like your human friends, the MRI scanner may not look perfect but always remember that it is just trying to help you.

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