Wishing you all the best

As the date of your MRI scan approaches, do not overthink about it. Just relax and keep practising.

On the day of your MRI scan, it might be best to avoid stimulant drinks such as tea and coffee.


  • You are not alone. The MRI staff are very used to dealing with nervous patients and you are always in contact with them.
  • The tunnel is open at both ends, well-lit and well-ventilated.
  • The MRI scanner is safe and trying to help you. 

I would be grateful for a favour from you. This website is quite new, so I need all the help to spread the word about it. It would be great if you could tell about happymri.com to the medical professional who requested the MRI and also tell the staff at the MRI center.

They can then share this website with their patients who are nervous about having an MRI. I do not have any budget for advertising this website so I rely completely on people like you to tell everyone!  Thank you for your help.

I wish you all the best! May you have a “Happy MRI” experience!

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